Best 3D Game Maker of the world !

Latest stable release : Leo

- Editor / Software -

Dead Deer Windows Install ((32/64bits) DirectX)[Download]

Dead Deer Mac OSX DMG Image (OSX10.6 minimum)[Download]

Dead Deer Ubuntu/Linux (64bits)[Download]

- .NED Player -

Examples of games/works with Dead Deer

NED Player (Example WIN32 Fullscreen)[Download]

NED Player (MacOSX 10.6 minimum)[Download]

NED Player (Linux/Ubuntu (needs wxWidgets/Gtk3 and OpenAL))[Download]

NED Player (Android 4.0.3 minimum (OpenGL ES 2.0))[Download]

NED Player (iOS 7.1 minimum (OpenGL ES 2.0))[Download]

- Relative -


Bug/wishes report

- Miscellaneous -

SourceForge Source Code (VS2013 Community/XCode 6+/Android Studio)

Visual Studio 2012 Redistribuable Package

DirectX June 2010 Redistribuable Package

Java JDK (needed for Android .APK compilation)