Fuel for your hellish 3D creations !

Latest stable release : Attack

- Editor / Software -

Dead Deer Windows Install ((32bits/64bits) DirectX 9,10,11)[Download][SourceForge]

Dead Deer Mac OSX DMG Image (64bits METAL)[Download][SourceForge][SourceForge(OPENGL64bits)][SourceForge(32bits)]

Dead Deer Ubuntu/Linux (64bits)[Download][SourceForge]

Dead Deer Android (minimum 32bits(API 15)/64bits(API 21))[Download][SourceForge]

Dead Deer Raspberry PI (Raspbian (needs OpenAL and maybe wxWidgets/Gtk3))[Download][SourceForge]

- .NED Player -

Examples of games/works with Dead Deer

NED Player (Example WIN32 Fullscreen)[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player (MacOSX 10.6 minimum) (GL / Metal)[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player (Linux/Ubuntu (needs OpenAL and maybe wxWidgets/Gtk3))[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player (Android (API15/21 minimum) (OpenGL ES 2.0))[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player (iOS 7.1 minimum (OpenGL ES 2.0 / Metal) - xCode Compilation)[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player (Windows Phone 8.1+)[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player (Android BUILD for Generated APK)[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player (Raspbian (needs OpenAL and maybe wxWidgets/Gtk3))[Download][SourceForge]

- .NED Virtual Reality -

NED Player VR (OpenVR/SteamVR/Oculus Rift)[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player Google VR (Android 5.0 minimum (OpenGL ES 3.0))[Download][SourceForge]

- Easy Photogrametry -

Just An Object (usefull to parse 3D space)[Download]

- .NED Web -

NED WEB Player (WebGL2)

- Relative -


Bug / wishes Report

- YouTube -

Fire Simulation

SkullTown FPS Game

Explode Scene Physics

Poetry lighting photogrammetry

- YouTube : Tutorials -

Base Tutorials

Tutorial 1 : Textures and Dynamic Light

Tutorial 2 : Exploding Cube and Script Animation

Tutorial 3 : Example of Physic Simulation

Tutorial 4 : Quick FPS Level

Tutorial 5 : Load and Test a Project

Tutorial 6 : The Cute Dragon.

Tutorial 7 : Shape the Cute Dragon.

- .NED Web Player Examples -

Simple 2D Game made with Dead Deer.

Simple 3D Effect.

- Miscellaneous -

Cross Platform Demo "So Called Time As a Space" (WINDOWS/MacOS/LINUX)

Cross Platform Demo "Ganjiss" (WINDOWS/MacOS/LINUX)

Cross Platform FPS Demo "SkullTown Adventures" (WINDOWS/MacOS/LINUX)

Missing Earth Enchanted Forest (.NED with 2Go VRAM)[SourceForge]

The Strange Valley (.NED with 2Go VRAM)[SourceForge]

Cross Platform Action Heroic Fantasy Game Demo "Ghost Dragon" (WINDOWS/MacOS/LINUX)

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SourceForge Source Code (VS2013 Community/XCode 6+/Android Studio)

Visual Studio 2012 Redistribuable Package

DirectX June 2010 Redistribuable Package

Java JDK (needed for Android .APK compilation)