Only the feelings of a new world taht was forgotten.

Latest stable release :'s land

- Editor / Software -

Dead Deer Windows Install ((Intel 32bits/64bits, ARM) DirectX 9, 10, 11, 12)[Download][SourceForge]

Dead Deer Mac OS (Intel Only) DMG Image (with Examples)[Download(64bits METAL)][SourceForge(64bits METAL)][Download(OPENGL64bits)][SourceForge(OPENGL64bits)]

Dead Deer Mac OS ARM (+ Intel)[Download(Apple Silicon)][SourceForge(Apple Silicon)]+ (32bits) [SourceForge(32bits)]

Dead Deer Ubuntu/Linux (Intel 64bits (OpenAL/Gtk3))[Download][SourceForge]

Dead Deer Linux ARM/PI (32bits/64bits) (OpenAL/Gtk3)[Download][SourceForge]

Dead Deer Linux RISCV (OpenAL/Gtk3/+GL4ES)[Download]

Dead Deer Android (min 32bits(API 15)/64bits(API 21))[Download][SourceForge]

Dead Deer (iOS 7.1 minimum (OpenGL ES 2.0 / Metal) - xCode Compilation)[xCode SourceForge]

- .NED Player -

Examples of games/works with Dead Deer

NED Player (Example WIN32 Fullscreen)[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player (MacOSX 10.6 minimum) (GL / Metal / Apple Silicon)[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player (Linux/Ubuntu Intel 64bits (OpenAL/Gtk3))[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player Linux ARM/PI (32bits/64bits) (OpenAL/Gtk3)[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player Linux RISCV (OpenAL/Gtk3/+GL4ES)[Download]

NED Player (Android (API15/21 min) (OpenGL ES 2.0))[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player (iOS 7.1 minimum (OpenGL ES 2.0 / Metal) - xCode Compilation)[Download][xCode SourceForge]

NED Player (Windows Phone 8.1+)[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player (Android BUILD for Generated APK)[Download][SourceForge]

- .NED Virtual Reality -

NED Player VR (OpenVR/SteamVR/Oculus Rift)[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player Google VR (Android 5.0 min (OpenGL ES 3.0))[Download][SourceForge]

NED Player VR (OpenXR/Pico/Quest?)[Download]

- Easier Photogrametry and Point Clouds -

Just An Object (Android) (usefull to parse 3D space)[Download]

Just Scan (Android ARCore App Scaning Point Clouds)[Download]

Just Real Scan (Android ARCore App with Intel RealSense D435(i))[Download]

- .NED Web -

NED WEB Player (WebGL2)

- Relative -



- YouTube -

Fire Simulation

SkullTown FPS Game

Explode Scene Physics

Poetry lighting photogrammetry

- YouTube : Tutorials -

Base Tutorials

Tutorial 1 : Textures and Dynamic Light

Tutorial 2 : Exploding Cube and Script Animation

Tutorial 3 : Example of Physic Simulation

Tutorial 4 : Quick FPS Level

Tutorial 5 : Load and Test a Project

Tutorial 6 : The Cute Dragon.

Tutorial 7 : Shape the Cute Dragon.

Tutorial 8 : Create a Photgrammetric Dungeon.

Tutorial 9 : Customize Dwarf in Ghost Dragon.

- .NED Web Player Examples -

Super Punchy Punky Pinky Bird.

Simple Reflective 3D Effect.

- Dead Deer BASIC 2023 -

Learn to Code in Basic !

- Miscellaneous -

Cross Platform Demo "So Called Time As a Space" (WINDOWS/MacOS/LINUX)

Cross Platform Demo "Ganjiss" (WINDOWS/MacOS/LINUX)

Cross Platform FPS Demo "SkullTown Adventures" (WINDOWS/MacOS/LINUX (32/64 bits))

Missing Earth Enchanted Forest (.NED with 2Go VRAM 64bits)[SourceForge]

The Strange Valley (SkullTown prequel) (.NED with 2Go VRAM 64bits)[SourceForge]


Evil Spell Forest (.NED with 2Go VRAM 64bits + VR)[SourceForge]

The Goddesses (.NED with 1.5Go VRAM 64bits + VR)The Goddesses (Sexy AMD FSR Echoes)[SourceForge]

Ghost Dragon II : The nubile's crocodiles. (Sexy) (VRAM 2Go, 4.5Go RAM all platforms)

Isis Paradize Open World Editor v1.8 (June 2022) (2Go VRAM)

Mona Grande Open World Editor v1.0 (June 2023) (4Go VRAM)

Cross Platform Action Heroic Fantasy Game Demo "Ghost Dragon" (WINDOWS/MacOS/LINUX (32/64 bits))

Ghost Dragon Game Editor v1.0

Get it on Google Play

- 3 sexy hours work with Dead Deer -

Woman On Fire

Capoiera Nude Dance (YouTube)

SourceForge Source Code (VS2019 Community/XCode 14+SDK10.14/Android Studio (Giraffe)/Linux Codelite)

Visual Studio 2015 Redistribuable Package

DirectX June 2010 Redistribuable Package

Java JDK (needed for Android .APK compilation)